West Kent Freemasons



Some time ago I sent out for expressions of interest to form a cycling lodge. At that time I had interest from 25 cycling Masons. The original idea has now developed further and the proposal is to form a Cycling Club which will be hosted by Ordnance Lodge No 2399 which meets at Welling.

The first meeting of this joint venture will be on the 8th April when about 10 joining members will be proposed and we can start to get the cycling club underway.

Having a separate Cycling Club will provide the opportunity for all family members and friends to become members of the cycling club and enable them to take part in the cycling events and social functions. If you have an interest in cycling and would like to find out more, please register your interest or come and join us on the 8th April.

This joint venture will have various positive aims and benefits such as:

•               Promoting Freemasonry amongst those who are, or have already been cyclists
•               Demonstrating that Freemasonry is relevant within the realities of modern day life
•               Improving personal health
•               Protection of the natural environment
•               Riding safely
•               Involving the family
•               Community development

Please register your interest and contact details with the Provincial Grand Secretary at pagsec@freemasons-westkent.org.uk and I will get back to you.
Chris Roberts DPGM