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Click here for the latest Craft Forms

  1. Click HERE for the Craft Registration Form P (issued April 2018)
  2. Association of Friends Application Form, Click HERE (For Membership or Patronage)
  3. Income & Expenditure Proforma, Click HERE (For Lodge Treasurers XL Accounts Spreadsheet Template)
  4. Prov Installation Return, Click HERE (For completion by the Lodge Secretary after Installation)
  5. LPA4 Installation Return Form Click HERE
  6. LP and A5 Form, Click HERE (Application for Grand Lodge Certificate)
  7. Provincial Benevolent Fund Form, Click HERE (Submission for Benevolent Fund Grant)
  8. WK90 Form, Click HERE (For Lodge Secretaries – Notice of Addition / Amendment / Deletion)
  9. Appointment / Promotion Form, Click HERE for pdf, Click HERE for fillable Excel form, – For Guidance Note, Click HERE
  10. Click HERE for the Lodge Information Sheet
  11. Click HERE for the Lodge Information Guidance Notes