West Kent Freemasons



I am pleased to announce that the 2018 Cornwallis Lecture will be:-
“The future of Freemasonry – evolution and change” by W.Bro A.D.G. Harvey PAGDC.
W Bro. Tony Harvey is a West Kent Mason and a very distinguished lecturer, having written and delivered the 2012 Prestonian Lecture ‘Scouting & Freemasonry: two parallel organisations?’

Professionally, W.Bro. Tony is a highly successful and experienced Change Manager and has been a member of the UGLE Membership Group that developed the new Members’ Pathway. The subject of his lecture is an important one for us all and his experience makes him well placed to comment upon change and evolution, in the wider world and in Freemasonry.

The lecture explains how Freemasonry has evolved over the last 300 years and why it must not stop doing so now – contrary to popular belief, we have not “always done things the way we do now”. We must adapt to cater for new generations of Freemasons whilst ensuring that the fundamental tenets that make Freemasonry unique and so special remain.

It also reflects on Freemasonry’s public perception and the need to reconnect with the wider community, the benefits of so doing being amply demonstrated by our recent CALM Appeal. Finally, drawing on his practical experience of change management, W.Bro. Tony suggests a number of ways in which Lodges and Chapters might wish to evolve and manage change to ensure their future success.

I strongly commend this lecture to every member of West Kent, not only for its content, but also for the dialogue I believe it will generate within our Lodges and Chapters.
Three official deliveries of the lecture will take place at:-
• West Kent 1st Principals Chapter No.5778 on 16th November 2018,
• West Kent Masters’ Lodge No.5778 on 17th January 2019, and
• West Kent Provincial Grand Stewards’ Lodge No.8565 on 23rd February 2019.
Further details for each of these meetings will be advertised in due course.
Yours sincerely & fraternally
Mark Douglas Estaugh
Provincial Grand Master