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Brethren, it is an incredible sight to see so many of you here today. I cannot begin to tell you how privileged I feel to lead such an outstanding Province and I’m grateful to you all for joining us in such overwhelming numbers. An important part of the day will be to...

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20 October 2015

Brethren, it is an incredible sight to see so many of you here today to support the Province in a new chapter in its history and I am overwhelmed at your attendance today in such numbers. Together with my wife, children and grandchildren, Freemasonry has proved to be...

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UGLE First Rising

Communications reports from United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) 

The bUGLE – 08/05/2020

VE Day - 75 years on Provincial Social Media stats - March 2020 April's stats will be shared next week Click on the icons below to view the March social media stats for each platform.     Freemasons working together to help their communities We have seen...

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Latest News

Video thank you message from Tunbridge Wells Food-bank

A big thank you from Nourish Food bank to all the lodges, chapters and personal donations to Tunbridge wells Masonic centre emergency appeal during the worst part of the covid- 19 Lockdown. This appeal raised £2295 and was match funded by our Province and the MCF...

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PGM helps Tottenham Secundus Lodge with some community work

Tottenham Secundus Lodge who assisted a member’s elderly neighbour to regain the use of his garden, with another due to receive similar assistance. A small step for the Lodge, but a giant step for the Province in our community Great little video of the event....

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