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Charity and Caring

The values of Freemasonry are based on integrity, kindness, honesty and fairness. Freemasons are encouraged to practise charity and to care, not only for their own, but also for the community as a whole – both by charitable giving, and by voluntary efforts and works as individuals.

From its earliest days, Freemasonry has been concerned with the care of orphans, the sick and the aged. This work continues today. In addition, large sums are given to national and local charities.

Masonic charity is exercised at every level: individual Lodges make gifts and give aid to their own communities and every Province also gives large sums of money to regional causes.

Every Mason is encouraged to give generously within his means and without detriment to himself or his family, through Alms collections, gift aid etc.

MCF March 2018

Make a new Will your 2018 promise Spring has sprung, drawing a line under the winter months (although Storm Emma just couldn’t let go), and for many, the annual psychological battle to keep New Year’s resolutions alive probably ended some months ago. I have a...

Provincial Quiz

2018 PROVINCIAL INTER-LODGE/CHAPTER QUIZ In aid of the CALM Appeal The Quiz will be held on Thursday 29th March 2018 at OAKLEY HOUSE, BROMLEY COMMON, BROMLEY, BR2 8HA All sandwiches, crisps and other snacks etc. must be purchased at Oakley House Entry Fee:...

CALM in action

CHARITABLE GIVING FROM THE CALM APPEAL VISITS BY THE WORSHIPFUL, THE MAYOR OF DARTFORD, COUNCILLOR ROSANNA CURRANS On Sunday 10th December The Mayor was invited to attend the Carol Concert at the Arrow Riding Centre for the Disabled. The ages of the clients they help...

CALM Auction

CALM APPEAL NEWS Community Appeal for Local Mayors Ever since Remembrance Day began in 1919, we have fallen silent on the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month. From the end of the First World War to conflicts in more recent times, and from war...

MTSFC 2017

Nearly 70 disadvantaged children have day out thanks to West Kent Masons During 2017 five fishing events for disabled children were held by the West Kent Masonic Fishing Charity involving nearly 70 attendees. The aim is to bring an interactive fishing and countryside...

Visiting Volunteer Scheme

What is a Visiting Volunteer? Visiting Volunteers help those seeking assistance from the Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF) to fill in the forms required to access grants. We urgently need volunteers to assist with this vital role and this is your opportunity to...

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