W.Bro Roland Stokes, PAGDC
Provincial Grand Charity Steward
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May 2018

Dear Brother and Companion Charity Steward,
Following a very successful year with the CALM Appeal, which raised more than our £60,000 target, it has been decided to launch a ‘Match Funding’ exercise with the balance.
The Total Balance available for Match Funding is £83,506

The Match Funding will work as follows:
Any Lodge or Chapter that has donated to the CALM Appeal will be able to apply. We will match donations up to £500, providing the Lodge or Chapter has voted in an open Lodge or Chapter meeting, until the surplus funds of the CALM Appeal have been exhausted!
Each Lodge or Chapter will only be able to receive ONE match funding.
The recipient should be a local Charity or good cause, preferably within West Kent.

Once the Application Form (click HERE for the Application Form) has been received and providing the above criteria has been met, the Appeal Team and the APGM of the Lodge group or the DepGSupt for Chapters will consider the petition and decide if match funding is appropriate. For your information, the recipient does not necessarily need to be a registered charity.
Sincerely & Fraternally
Roland Stokes
Provincial Grand Charity Steward