Excellent Companion Graham Raven

Graham Raven Masonic CV at February 2017

An Electrical Engineer by trade. 33 years in publishing and media then into Facilities Management, six years in Local Government and then in Education PFIs. Educated in Eltham, college in City and East London, then East Ham and finally South Bank Poly (now London University).

Initiated into White Horse of Kent Lodge Number 8784 in January 1983
Master 1989 and 2002. Have been DC for two terms of five years and three years, presently Secretary.
Appointed to Provincial Grand Steward in 1995, promoted to PPrSGD in 2001 and PPrGSwdBr in 2008. Presently PPrGReg.
Founder of Southwood Lodge 9293 and Ash Cum Ridley 9700.
Member of West Kent Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge 8656 and Ash Cum Ridley Lodge 9700, where presently master elect.

Exalted into West Wickham Chapter 2948 in January 1985.
MEZ 1996 and 2004. Appointed Provincial ADC in 2001 and ProvDGDC in 2006. Appointed to APGP in 2016.
Appointed to Grand Rank, PAGDC in 2011.
Member of Regents Park Meridian Chapter 9202, MEZ in 2008 and DC since 2009

Advanced in Lord Harris Lodge of Mark Master Masons 1494 in December 1985.
Master in 1992 and presently Master elect. Promoted to Provincial GMO in 1995, PPrGJW in 2010 and ProvDGDC in 2011.
Appointed to Grand Rank, Grand Steward in 2012 and promoted to PGJD in 2015

Elevated in Lord Harris Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners 1494 in February 1986.
Commander in 1993 and 2010. Appointed to Prov. RAMGR in 1999. Appointed to Grand Rank in 2012.

Joined Sacred Fire Rose Croix 977 in January 2015.

Joined St Michael’s KT 436 in July 2015.