New Provincial Recommendation form for Appointments and Promotions – June 2018


  1. Recommendation for Appointment / Promotion

The Recommendation Form is the primary document from which Appointments and Promotions are considered and it is extremely important for this document to contain a comprehensive report on the activities of the individual.

The new document will include not only quantitative information on the member, but also qualitative information based on his support for the Province and its objectives, together with evidence on his citizenship and his behaviors, and based upon real and personal merit and ability.

Section A – Masonic activity

  • Attendance, support for Lodge and Masonic Centre functions, Offices held, Activity beyond the Lodge and circumstances why he may not have been able to support the above fully.
  • Support for the Province and its Strategic objectives – the 3 Provincial Objectives and 5 Priorities
  • Citizenship, behaviors, activities and support in the local community.
  1. General Details
  • Enter current rank, year last promoted, surname, first name, lodge name, lodge number, profession, address.
  1. Attendance at Lodge
  • Enter the number of lodge meetings per year
  • Enter the number of meetings the individual has attended per year.
  • Enter data for the last seven years
  1. Support Functions – Lodge and for Masonic Centre
  • If he has supported the Lodge as a Driver or Assisted, use the drop down tabs to indicate “Y”
  • Use the drop down tabs to enter “Y” against each of the sections
  • If “Y” added for any other support, describe these activities
  • If “Y” shown in any sections, provide supporting information for the activities undertaken
  • Enter the number of years he has supported that function
  1. Ritual
  • If he has performed ritual during the last 7 years, use the drop down tab to indicate “Y”
  • If “Y”, quantify his achievements based on his underlying ability to undertake the work performed
  1. Retaken the Chair
  • Enter “Y” if he has re-taken the Chair in the last 7 years
  • Enter year in which he was in the Chair
  • Define work undertaken and how he performed, based on his underlying ability
  1. Lodge Offices
  • Enter “Y” to indicate what lodge offices he has undertaken in the last 7 years.
  • Indicate the number of years he has undertaken that office.
  • If he did not undertake an office or role, was there any opportunity to do so and why
  1. Unable to support the Lodge
  • Enter “Y” if there were circumstances which prevented him playing an active role in the Lodge
  • If “Y”, provide supporting information as to the reason why
  1. Beyond the Lodge
  • Enter “Y” if he has displayed support beyond the Lodge in the sections suggested
  • If “Y” provide supporting information to quantify activities beyond the Lodge
  1. Please describe why you support this candidate’s appointment/promotion
  • Provide detailed information on a member’s Masonic involvement
  • Quantify the extent of his involvement in Lodge, his Centre in any capacity he has undertaken

Section B – Support for the Provincial Strategic Objectives

Objectives – Membership, Communications and Development of Masonic Premises
Priorities – Attraction, Engagement, Relief, Reform and Responsibility

  • Provide information and evidence of support for attracting, retaining and developing potential and existing members and where the Lodge may have benefitted.
  • Provide information and evidence of improvement in communications in Lodge, Centre and beyond.
  • Provide information and evidence of support for the development of his Masonic Centre, either by attending & supporting events, taking a role at the Centre or work undertaken at the Centre.
  • Define the extent of members proposed for membership, those he has assisted to retain and develop, his benevolent and charitable outlook, how he has assisted to evolve and develop his Lodge and activities where his responsibility has been demonstrable.

Section C – Citizenship 

  • Describe a member’s civic involvement, community roles and responsibilities, wider contribution to society as a whole, his professional achievements, voluntary roles and other worthy activities he pursues


  • Once satisfied that the information contained in the form is factual, the form should be signed by the Secretary or Treasurer
  • In addition, two senior members must countersign the form – either a Grand Officer or a Senior Provincial Officer – to validate the accuracy of the data provided

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