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For guidance, the Masonic Charitable Foundation Almoners’ Handbook from 2017 is provided HERE as a pdf.

For updated information, the slides used at the Almoners’ Workshops from 2017 are provided HERE as a pdf for reference and guidance.


Almoner – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. I have been supporting my grandson, by paying his school fees.  I am about to retire and will have to withdraw that support.  My son is not a Freemason.  Would the RMTGB consider helping him continue at the same school?

A. As you have demonstrated dependence, the RMTGB would be happy to consider this sympathetically, but it would be means tested.  Contact your Lodge Almoner who will be able to progress the application.


Q2. I have a heart condition and am on the NHS waiting list, but they think that it will be 6 months before I will receive corrective surgery.  Could you help?

A. Under normal circumstances the MSF will fund surgery if the waiting list is longer than 13 weeks.  In the case of heart surgery they will consider a shorter waiting period.  The MSF will need the Consultants conclusion and confirmation of the expected wait.  In common with all the Central Masonic Charities, all applications are means tested.


Q3. I was given a grant by the Grand Charity, which has helped.  I really need a holiday, but can’t afford one.  Do you know who I could contact that might provide an affordable break?

A.  The Good Neighbour Fund was set up to provide holidays for Masons and their dependants in receipt of a Grand Charity Relief Grant.  There are four holiday destination in the UK, Bournemouth, Eastbourne, Llandudno and Southend on Sea.


Q4. I have a small company pension and own my own house  I need to reroof it.  I don’t have the savings to pay for it and I am too old to remortgage.  Is there anyway I could get assistance or a loan through Masonry?

A. The Victor Donaldson Fund provides funds for works to be done to a Mason’s or dependant’s home.  The house must be owned by the applicant and the cost of works must meet house value criteria.  Repayment is made only on the death of the applicant or when the house is sold but the RMBI will take a lien on the house.


Q5. My mother in law is getting very frail and needs to go into a home where she can be looked after properly.  She has been with us to open days at Prince George Duke of Kent Court and would like to become resident there.  She owns her home which she would be happy to sell to finance it.  However she is not the widow of a Freemason?  Would the RMBI consider her for residency?

A. The RMBI acceptance criteria is wide and they will accept the Mother in Law of a Mason.  The level of care needed can be assessed by the RMBI but moving in is dependent on accommodation being available at the time.


Q6. My wife recently suffered a stroke and is confined to a wheelchair.  I have to make some alterations to the house so that she can get around it and in and out of the front door.  Is there any help available to put in a ramp and a stair lift?

A. The MSF can assist with home alterations.  Formal confirmation that the alterations are necessary will be required, but the RMBI Care Advise Team in conjunction with Social Services will be able to assist.