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West Kent Provincial News

Cornwallis Lecture 2018

PROVINCIAL GRAND LODGE OF WEST KENT Brethren, I am pleased to announce that the 2018 Cornwallis Lecture will be:- “The future of Freemasonry – evolution and change” by W.Bro A.D.G. Harvey PAGDC. W Bro. Tony Harvey is a West Kent Mason and a very distinguished...

Preceptors’ Festival 2018

The Emulation Lodge of Improvement will hold its Preceptors' Festival at Freemasons' Hall on 29th June 2018. For details click HERE

Membership Pathway Presentation

For those who were at a Membership Pathway Presentation, the related screenshots are included HERE as a pdf file.

CALM Match Funding

W.Bro Roland Stokes, PAGDC Provincial Grand Charity Steward Home: 01622 873390 Mobile: 07836 722854 May 2018 Dear Brother and Companion Charity Steward, Following a very successful year with the CALM Appeal, which raised more than our...

Craft Registration Form P

A new Craft Registration Form P has been issued and must be used immediately. Copies will be emailed to all Lodge Secretaries with notification that the new Forms will be on the Web site and to destroy all existing copies. UGLE will accept them as four separate sheets...

Cornwallis Lectures

The Kent Museum of Freemasonry are offering mail order copies of the Cornwaliis Lectures for 2015, 2016 and 2017. Please click HERE for...

Final 2017 Cornwallis Lecture

PROVINCIAL GRAND LODGE OF WEST KENT THE 2017 CORNWALLIS LECTURE CATHEDRALS, STONEMASONS, AND LINKS WITH FREEMASONS Written & Delivered by V.W. BRO. ROGER ODD PGSwdB, PDepProvGM Brethren, the final West Kent delivery of the 2017 Cornwallis Lecture will take place on...

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