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Excel – what’s it all about?

As part of the Raising the Standard initiative, George Buckberry is offering to hold workshops about using the spread sheet program Excel. George can offer guidance on many aspects of this computer package as well as tips and tricks to make using it easier and creating user friendly presentations.

He plans to host meetings, probably starting at Dartford, where interested parties can bring their laptops along and participate in exercises to explain the mysteries of this often under-utilised piece of software.

Being unsure of the level of expertise among those who might be interested, we are asking for you to submit your queries and George will then be able to construct his training around your needs rather than put together something that might only be of use to a few.

If you are a beginner or more advanced, please email me your views on what you would like to be able to do (even if this is “How do I use it?”) or any problems you have encountered and George will be able to put together a training package. It would also be helpful to know what version of Excel you are using.

Once the modules are constructed, dates and places of these workshops will be advertised. I look forward to hearing from you.

Please contact Harry Maton at or telephone 020 8406 4623 to pass on your views.


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