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The tickets for Canterbury Cathedral are now ready for collection. Chris Ashby will be in the following centres at the stated times. It is hoped that all tickets will be collected at these centres but if necessary we will arrange more dates the following week. Alternatively email Chris on it may be possible for a different arrangement to be made.
31 January 2017 – Oakley House – From 18.45 until 22.00
2 February 2017 – Welling – From 18.30 until 20.00
3 February 2017 – Dartford – From 18.30 until 22.00
The tickets are in three colours; blue, white and brown. This makes it clear in which area of the cathedral you will be seated. The ticket will have a number but this is not a seat number, there are no reserved seats in these areas.
There will be a briefing note with each ticket.
Bob King

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